In 2011/2012 the Lycée Michel Lucius (LML) responded to the growing demand for an International English language curriculum offer by launching International English speaking classes. The offer is aimed at students with English as either a first or a second language.

Since the academic year 2015-2016 we are enrolling 7IEC to 1IEC.

Lower classes (7IEC, 6IEC, 5IEC)

These classes serve as preparatory classes for the International GCSE curriculum.

Middle classes (4IEC, 3IEC)

This two-year programme prepares the students for the International GCSE exams taken in May/June in 3IEC.
The Ministry of national Education, of Childhood and of Youth ratifies the qualifications providing the specified curriculum is completed successfully and grant “Diplôme du cycle moyen de l’enseignement secondaire (3e ES)”. Certain conditions apply.

Upper classes (2IEC, 1IEC)

This two-year programme equips the students with the knowledge required for university studies. During 2IEC, the students study for their AS level exams and during 1IEC, the students are prepared for their A-level exams.
You may then gain an equivalence of the Luxembourgish “Diplôme de fin d’études secondaires (1re ES) “. Certain conditions apply.

Entry requirements

As we admit students with a variety of educational backgrounds from all over the world we will test their English to ensure they are able to access the English language curriculum:

7IEC and 6IEC students will be tested in English. The exams will test the students’ reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. A mathematics placement test also needs to be sat.

5IEC, 4IEC and 3IEC students will be tested in English and mathematics.

2IEC and 1IEC students will be tested in English and in some of the subjects that they wish to study.

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