Parents’ Commitee

Newsletter March 2023


The responsibilities of the Parents’ Committee are as follows :

  • to represent the parents of students to the administration and to the committees formed respectively by teachers and students;
  • to inform parents of pupils on all matters related to teaching in the school;
  • to prepare the position taking of its representatives on the Education Council;
  • to organize cultural and social activities and to formulate all proposals concerning the organization of the teaching and work of pupils within the school.



  • President :                    Mr Marco Fardellini
  • Vice-president :           Ms Claudia Colantonio
  • Treasurer :                   Ms Astrid Preusse / Ms Dije Racaj
  • Secretary :                    Mr Ricky Wohl / Ms Mariela Martini
  • Security Committee:  Ms Dilek Godekoglu/ Sharon Bowman
  • Board Members : Ms Anastasia Ryzhova; MrJorg Reinking; Ms Yuka Sasaki; Mr Sebastian Thompson; Ms Katarina Deil; M Michel Krim

The Parents’ Comitee can be contacted via its’ president, Mr Marco Fardellini:

E-mail :
Telephone : (+352) 661 800 357.


Here you can find the ‘Youth & Work’ presentation (seminar of 12 January organised by the APE).

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