The SePAS team (“Service Psycho-social et d’Accompagnement Scolaire”) offers our students assistance in making school choices, career advice and helps them find solutions to their problems.

The SePAS team offers detailed and targeted support and assistance on:

  • Questions concerning the school career (‘Learning to Learn’, questions concerning admissions, changing school, choice of career).
  • Questions concerning personal matters (discovering and exploring yourself and the world around you).
  • Psychological and pedagogical issues (adolescence troubles, anxieties, obstacles causing academic failure).
  • Social issues (social guidance, liaison / relations between the school and the family).
  • Cooperation with specialised outside agencies.

Our team

  • Ms Annemarie Bachmann – Psychologist
    Tél.: (+352) 28 83 15 – 302
  • Ms Kyu Thull – Social worker
    Tél.: (+352) 28 83 15 – 330
  • Ms Noémie Urbing – Social worker
    Tél.: (+352) 28 83 15 – 331


 The department is open daily from 7.30am until 4.30pm.

School charter

In accordance with Article 4 of the Act of 25 June 2004* on the organization of secondary schools, the Board of...

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