About Us

Our Vision

ISML is committed to ensuring that our learners achieve highly and fulfil their potential through the promotion of high standards and expectations in all we do and provide. 

About us

We are an established international school, offering an international English curriculum to secondary school students since 2011. Our Primary school was established in 2017.

Our International curriculum is entirely taught in English alongside flexible language tuition in Luxembourgish, French and German. As a state school our a mission is to provide education to a diverse group of students regardless of their background.


Our Aims 

  1. To foster international mindedness in an academically challenging and nurturing environment 
  2. To provide a diverse and flexible curriculum to suit individual students’ interests and strengths 
  3. To create an inclusive environment where students from all over the world can feel at home 
  4. To support international students with their integration into Luxembourg’s society by fostering their language skills 

ISML Primary Structure