Greetings from the Language Department here at ISML Primary school!  

We are offering a multilingual education with English as language of instruction in non-language subjects.


Our students are introduced to Luxembourgish from the offset in Year 1, ensuring a continued link that, for most, is created earlier in crèche and Spillschoul.  

German or French

When they arrive into Year 3, students are presented with the opportunity to expand their linguistic repertoire and take on either French or German as a Foreign Language. With students coming from a multitude of different backgrounds, both linguistically and culturally, linguistic competencies are monitored throughout each year in order to ensure students are in the correct group according to their needs and skills set out in the Common European Framework.  
Within each Unit taught, there is a focus on students accessing the four skills: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, with constant referral to the application of gender and plural agreements as well as recalling the correct tense appropriate to the theme and activity being covered. Usage of the Target Language in class by students and teachers is something we continuously strive to improve and achieve, aiming to provide our students with the skills and confidence to use acquired language in everyday situations and contexts.