Admissions – secondary section

Applications previously submitted

Parents wishing to reactive an application previously submitted may do so by sending an email to admissions stating the applicant’s name, the wish to reactivate last year’s application, the year group for September 2023 and any possible changes concerning current school, contact information or SEN.

The re-activation will only be processed after all the updated required documents have been received.

New applications

We invite the families to fill in our online application form and to upload the following documents as PDF files. The application will only by processed after ALL the required documents have been received.

  • Copy of student’s ID Card or Passport
  • For residents in Luxembourg: Certificat de résidence élargi (from your local commune)

Details about the academic career – Reports cards :

  • Most recent report card
  • Past report cards (the last three years)
  • SEN reports from specialists and reports from previous schools regarding arrangements provided to the student (if applicable)

Documents in English, German and French are accepted. An English translation is required for all other languages.

The documents must be in good quality and in PDF format. Report cards or documents that have several pages must be sent in as one document and not as separate pages. Pictures taken with a phone are not acceptable. You may wish to use a document scanner app (e.g: « Office Lens » by Microsoft or « Adobe Scan » by Adobe) on your phone if you do not have a scanner.

Classes 7G

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