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Information letter – November 2020

Keeping our students safe and engaged in their learning

Lower secondary – 7G/5IEC à 7G/5IEC

Information letter – November 2020

Keeping our students safe and engaged in their learning

New measures for upper secondary classes 4G/4IEC to 1G/1IEC 

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Lycée Michel-Lucius: A dynamic, multicultural, innovative and committed school community

At the Lycée Michel Lucius, which was awarded the prize for a school without racism in 1997, it is important to us that every person has the right to work and live in an atmosphere of respect, solidarity, well-being and cooperation. We offer a high quality education in line with the needs of our students and the developments in the world of work and Luxembourg’s multicultural society.

A school of integration

Indeed, to bring each student to the highest qualification with regard to his or her potential and interests, to act as a social elevator, to help young people build an identity and develop social skills, to help build a society capable of facing the challenges of today and tomorrow, to integrate students from different backgrounds, … these are our missions as a public school.

The policy mandate given to schools is complex, evolving and challenging. To meet this challenge, the Lycée Michel Lucius listens, analyses the situation on an ongoing basis, and tries to anticipate the foreseeable repercussions that social developments and political decisions can have on the situation of young people, their well-being as well as their school biography.

Anticipating the needs of students and their families

It is important to diversify the school offer and educational activities with a view to achieving equity and improving academic success.

The Lycée Michel Lucius is committed to diversifying its school offer and its pedagogical approaches in order to best respond to the diversity of its students.

This experience has enabled us to respond competently to the challenge posed by the closure of the school in situ and to implement distance teaching and learning.


Congratulations to our teaching and non-teaching staff, our students and their parents for their cooperative work in these unprecedented times!

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