The School
International School Michel Lucius is a state-funded secondary school, located in the heart of Luxembourg’s capital. Lycée Michel Lucius has been providing a high quality education to secondary-school aged students for fifty years. In response to Luxembourg’s fast evolving, highly cosmopolitan and international population, Lycée Michel Lucius created an English language international stream in 2011 which has since grown into a diverse and high quality International School that serves over 400 students, representing more than 70 nationalities. The new International School is an integral part of Lycée Michel Lucius, an inclusive and flourishing learning and teaching community of 1500 students and more than 150 members of teaching staff.

An international English-medium curriculum is taught throughout the International School, leading to (I)GCSE qualifications and culminating in GCE A Levels.

In response to a rapidly growing international student population, International School Lycée Michel Lucius is opening a new feeder primary school for its established secondary school from September 2017.

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