Physical Education

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.

John F. Kennedy

Our PE curriculum follows the Cambridge International Curriculum and is in accordance with Luxembourgish law.

“Regular exercise improves physical and mental health and there is growing evidence that it improves academic performance across the curriculum” (Cambridge International).

The main goal of the ISML curriculum is to promote a healthy lifestyle within our learners, which extends beyond physical fitness, and encompasses the entire health triangle. This links in with the PSHE curriculum in ISML. 

The curriculum is broken up into 5 main units: Swimming, Healthy Bodies, Manipulative Skills, Invasion Games, and Creative Movements.



Each unit will be done by all grade levels each year. The learners will start by learning fundamental movements and as they advance through the primary school they will go through a progression to develop their confidence, knowledge, skills, understanding, and strategy. While going through the program, there will also be an emphasis on safety, teamwork, resiliency, and being a good sportsperson. 

There are no Cambridge Primary Progression Tests or Checkpoint for this subject. The learners will be assessed based on the ISML learner profile along with their performance. Formative assessments are critical in PE for the continued development of the learners, wherever they might be. 

Core Subjects

The Cambridge Primary Curriculum starts learners on an exciting educational journey, helping them to become confident,...

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