At the International School Michel Lucius students experience an immersive and interactive music program from Year 1 onwards all taught by ISML’s engaged faculty who have studied at some of the most renowned music schools in the world. Following the Cambridge curriculum, the activities proposed are designed to enhance students’ musical skills receiving a foundation in rhythm, note reading, movement, singing, and playing a wide variety of instruments. In Key Stage 2, students further deepen their knowledge by discovering the world of music production and taking their first approach in creating their own music.

During the year, all year groups have multiple opportunities to share their musical abilities with the school community through class performances, concerts, family workshops and our annual Student-Led Concert. A small selection of highly skilled students participates in ISML’s Gala Concert featuring talented musicians from Key Stages 3 to 5.

The school also offers after school activities, where students can join music workshops such as music ensemble, music production, and choir (TBC).