Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, and life to everything.


1 Traditional Classroom
Keyboards, Djembés, Boomwhackers, Taikos and Latin Percussion
1 Fully Equipped Classroom
keyboards, a full set of orchestra percussion, amplifiers, e-guitars, e-basses, a sound system enabling to use microphones.
1 Computer Lab
iMacs, Launchpads, USB Keybords, USB Microphone
1 Band Room
everything a band needs to practice
mtpl. Softwares
Sibelius, Ableton, Cubase, Garage Band
4 Highly motivated teachers
Teachers with a broad range of experiences and knowledge


We are teaching music in all its dimensions. We run several music ensembles and we prepare our annual Gala-concert with our students. Our activities are open to both experienced musicians as well as to completely inexperienced students.





Part of our philosophy is that we highly encourage students to create their own music by applying their acquired theory skills and give them the possibility to present the result on stage. SEN students are welcome and all teachers are experienced to work with them.





  • 7-5G option music (open to non-musicians as well)
  • Class performances (concert)
  • GCSE to A-Level music
  • Composition as part of general music lessons on any class level
  • Coaching to encourage individual projects (solo or as a band)
  • Gala concert…



Danièle Diederich

Oboe (English Horn), flutes, viola, piano.

Leads different chamber music ensembles.

Class band project and class composition projects to be performed on stage.

SEN students (instrumental and group performance lessons).

Lynn Mohr

Flute, piano, singing, conducting.

Leader of different music ensembles (Cello Trio, Let’s sing choir).

Conductor of the school orchestra ‘Lucius & Friends’.

Raymond Rickard

Piano and organ.

Piano instruction and accompaniment, music instruction.

Ben Konen

Jazz percussion and composition.

Specialized in teaching music production to classes.

Being a prof. Jazz percussionist and composer, Ben intervenes as percussion and composition teacher as well as a band coach in both individual and group lessons.


Stefan Weinandy

Drums and percussion.

Drum kit and other percussion instruments in individual and group lessons.

Leads different percussion ensembles (Latin Ensemble and the Taiko group).

SEN students (drum kit and percussion).



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