„Learning to undertake“ is one of the main missions of „Jonk Entrepreneuren Letzebuerg a.s.b.l“ and with its program „Minientreprises“, it is perfectly stimulating the entrepreneurial spirit of the students, helping them to develop the 21st century skills ( collaboration, communication, creativity an critical thinking).

The students of our 2GCG classes are participating in that project during a whole school year. During that year they produce and sell their own goods and services and have the opportunity to apply the knowledge they’ve acquired during their lessons in school.

In 2019, the mini-companies of LML won the price for the most sustainable product and for best Leadership.

2017 – 2018

Illuminate – Lights made out of bottles

Recyclocks – Clocks made out of recycled materials

Tastyculty – Ready to use baking mixes with international recipes

Chocodesign – Chocolats


2018 – 2019

Pro’Oc  – Bags made out of old clothes
-Best selling Mini-Enterprise
-Finalist Mini-Entreprises 2018-2019
-Leadership Prize
-Most sustainable product Prize

Article & Interview

Soap2Go – Papersoap to go
Finalist Mini-Entreprises 2018-2019

Article & Interview Eldoradio


Glowup – Candles made out of recycled materials
Finalist Mini-Entreprises 2018-2019

Luxfoodexpress – Delivery service of Luxemburgish ingredients and recipes
Article & Interview


2019 – 2020

Sohtel – Drawing sticks made out of recycled hotel soap
Finalist 2019-2020
3. Best Mini-Entreprise 2019/2020
Green- Label Award



Soap2Go – Papersoap to go
2 participants from last years project continue their adventure


Kärepabeier – Postcards and booklets made out of recycled paper. The products inclued seeds and can be planted after use.

Drink-Up – Bottles made out of glas

Tryangle – Clothing