Without geography you’re nowhere!
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Learning how to read, write and speak well is an important key to success. During their time at Lycée | International School Michel Lucius, our students read extensively, exploring a wide variety of genres. They are also taught to express their thoughts clearly and articulately through creative writing projects as well as essays.





Most of our English teachers teach in the two systems the school is currently offering. On the one hand there are the Luxembourgish classes, where English is taught as a foreign language. The students progressively develop their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in order to be able to communicate effectively, from beginner level (A1) to upperintermediate (B2). For most of our students, English is the 3rd foreign language they learn; for some it’s the 5th or even 6th! On the the other hand, there are the international classes who follow the Cambridge International Curriculum through Keystages 3-5. In those classes,
we teach Language and Literature at different levels, with a focus on developing students’ critical thinking skills by making them look at texts in context, thus fostering skills across a range of subjects.





English is THE most useful language at this point in history. Plus, it really helps you understand memes 😉

We have access to a wonderful reading & lending library with numerous class sets of a great
selection of English books.



Heirens Isabelle
Kalmes Laurence
Kemmer Sophie
Kutten Diane
Loes Mandy
Schiltz Sarah
Ahluwalia Maninder
Benseghir Fabienne
Gérard Laurence
Frising Nora
Gaul Kathrin
Birtz Diane
Chapmann Christopher
Rickard Raymon
Snelleman Scott
Hellberg Johan
Galea David
Urbing Bob