Enrolment in an English-speaking international class 7IEC :

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Enrolment in 7eG (local classes: enseignement secondaire général)

Once you receive your documents from the primary school teacher, you may send us your enrolment application until the 2rd July 2021. For further information please refer to

If your child has a previous musical education, you may be interested to find out more about our 7e musicale.

The enrolment application to the LML must contain:

  • A copy of the orientation decision (“decision d’orientation”)
  • A fully filled out inscription form (to be obtained from your child’s primary school teacher)
  • A certificate of residency (“Certificat de résidence élargi”) that can be obtained from your local municipal authorities (“Administration Communale” of the child’s place of residence)
  • The evaluation file containing the reports from cycle 4 of primary schooling.

Your application may be sent to the following address:

Lycée Michel Lucius – Inscription 7e
157, avenue Pasteur
L-2311 Luxembourg

You can also fill-in our online form:


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