For a successful application to the exams, the documents in A need to be read and the applicable documents in B need to be filled in – incomplete applications forms and/or applications with missing documents will not be considered:

C. Entrance exams – Sample Exams for 7IEC to 4IEC

Sample Exams*:

7IEC: Mathematics   English

6IEC: Mathematics   English

5IEC: Mathematics   English

4IEC: Mathematics   English

* These are actual past exam papers. The format of the exam changes slightly from year to year. The actual exam might have different exercises, yet the targeted language level and mathematics level is always the same.

Entrance exams – Sample exams and materials that need to be prepared for 3IEC and 2IEC entry

Preliminary exams for 3IEC:

These exams must be sat and determine if they are able to sit the additional entrance exams for the individual subjects in September.

Mathematics Foundation

Mathematics Higher


Additional exams for 3IEC:

These are the exams that must be sat in September of 2017 after the preliminary entrance exams have been sat and passed.

3IEC Admission exams September 2017

Dates: 3IEC admissions – exam dates


What to prepare for 2IEC exams 2017-18:

All students must sit a preliminary English entrance exam. After this exam students my have to sit additional entrance exams in September 2017 in their chosen subjects.

2IEC ADMISSION exams September 2017

Dates: 2IEC admissions – exam dates

Please send the filled in exam application form, the subject application form and all the required documents to the school via email or via post.

Lycée Michel Lucius
Admissions English classes
157, avenue Pasteur
L-2311 Luxembourg


Further information please call (tél: 47 33 05 – 803, 47 33 05 – 801 or 47 33 05 – 24) or make an appointment. During busy periods, meetings are on appointment only. The busy periods are: April to mid-July and from September to mid-October.