Created in March 2011 with the objective of improving our students’ academic success and preventing school dropouts, the Service éducatif assumes the following responsibilities:

  • Regular educational monitoring and assistance of students with difficulties.
  • Student support, notably in regards to organising their school life and the development of learning strategies (‘Léiere léieren’ – Learning to Learn)
  • Organisation of extracurricular activities as well as homework supervision and study room.
  • Tutoring and managing the SEN/mosaic class for students with learning difficulties and students who are struggling.
  • Managing the CLIJA class (Insertion Classes for young adults).
  • Supervising students who disrupt courses in the quiet room.
  • Organising work experience, traineeships and career orientation courses for students in 10e (or as required)
  • Prevention work: presence during tutoring sessions with the class teachers of 7e to 10e (Technique) and 7e to 4e (English classes), as well as organisation of different class projects in collaboration with other external services.
  • Supporting students taking part in the Lucius Orchester & Friends as well as organising various musical activities.
  • Organisation of parent evenings with thematic conferences.


Educatrices graduées Ms Myriam Birchen (47 33 05 – 808), Karen Decker (-807), Josée Lampertz (-811) and Delphine Groll (-812)
Educateurs gradués Mr Nuno Dos Santos (-814) and Mr Tom Thiel (-36)

Mr Sandy Marth (-820)

Office hours

The Service éducatif is available daily from 7:30AM to 4:30PM.

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