Vous souhaitez faire une demande d’inscription. Veuillez trouvez ci-dessous les informations pratiques. Pour toute information supplémentaire concernant les inscriptions, veuillez vous adresser à notre SePAS.

Les journées d’inscription auront lieu les lundi 16, mardi 17 et mercredi 18 juillet 2018.

Vous pouvez télécharger les formulaires d’inscription:

Cycle inférieur

Cycle moyen et cycle supérieur

Enrolment in an English-speaking class:

Please consult our extensive documentation in the ‘Entrance exam registration and information’ section, to start the enrolment procedure, consisting of

  • Registration for an entrance examination
  • Taking the entrance examination, which depending on the level tests for linguistic competency as well as subject knowledge,
  • Being offered a place according to the results of the entrance examination,
  • Accepting or declining the offer,
  • Proceeding with the enrolment proper.

To sign up, please head over to ‘Exam registration and information’, consult the documentation and download the appropriate form. For any further questions not covered by the documentation, please contact our English Office.

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